UVB Phototherapy Instrument Psoriasis White Spot Treatment

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1. The light source uses a special ultraviolet lamp produced with high stability and long life.
2. Small size, light weight, simple operation, patients carry around, can be treated at home.
3. High radiation intensity and obvious treatment effect.
4. Reflector is installed inside the irradiator to improve the radiation effect.

Applicable to clinical units for ultraviolet irradiation treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema skin diseases

Voltage: 220V ¡À 22V, 50Hz ¡À 1Hz
Output power: ¡Ü40VA
Effective radiation area: 4 * 12 (cm2)

How to use an ultraviolet phototherapy device?
1.Before treatment: For patients with psoriasis, first remove the scales on the surface of the skin lesion by bathing for 15-20 minutes.

2. During treatment:
Initial period: 15 seconds of irradiation time, if the skin does not show erythema or burning sensation the next day, you can increase the exposure time by 15 in the next irradiation! Follow the above process and increase 15 seconds each time until the skin appears light pink Erythema, and then no longer increase the irradiation time, and continue to puncture the dose, once every 2-3 days, it is advisable to have mild erythema in the irradiation effect.
Mid-term treatment: Keep the above 2-4 courses. If the skin does not have any discomfort, increase it by 10% based on the original time. Pay attention to observe the skin reaction and repeat the above process.

3. Description of treatment course:
Generally, one week is one treatment course, one treatment course is 3-5 times, and the exposure time of the first treatment course is controlled at 2-3 minutes each time. After one treatment course, there is a significant improvement. The next treatment course can increase the irradiation time accordingly.

Precautions for Vitiligo UV Treatment
1. Persist in long-term treatment, generally more effective for more than 3 months, it is recommended to irradiate for about 4 months and stop phototherapy for 1-2 weeks.
2. Avoid trauma, especially during the progress period.
3. Topical glucocorticoids should be used for the treatment of leukoplakia <10% of body surface area: irritating external application such as psoralen nitrogen mustard should be used with caution in the advanced stage.
4. Infants and young children with vitiligo system should be careful with glucocorticoids or phototherapy. Photochemical therapy is not recommended.
5. During treatment, it is not appropriate to use lime, figs, coriander, wild vegetables and other light-sensitive vegetables and tetracycline, sulfa drugs, and other drugs that have photosensitivity.
6. Avoid extra sunlight during the treatment period. Use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more when you are out on the day of treatment.
7. During the treatment, cover or use sunscreen to protect the surrounding area of the lesion and illuminate the face. Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
8. Avoid excessive sun exposure after treatment and cover with clothing or use sunscreen when going out.

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